Welcome to the world of special wedding dresses. A world in which you come first, where you’ll feel spoiled, a world where you won’t need to compromise. This is because our special wedding dresses have a feminine, yet modern design, they’re made of premium fabrics, such as silk or French lace, and they have a timeless elegance.

Maybe “special” sounds different, but we decided to call them this way because the most frequent question we receive from our clients is the following one: How do you manage to design such special dresses? In good taste, made of beautiful fabrics that we wish to wear, but still in a price range we can afford?

The answer is simple and we want to share it with you: La Mode Toujours wedding dresses are made with love and passion in our own facility and each detail is carefully aranged, so that, in the end, when the big day comes, your LMT wedding dress will feel and fit perfectly.

Welcome to the magic world of La Mode Toujours wedding dresses!