Bridal '23

The La Mode Toujours Bridal 2023 Celebration collection is dedicated to women who radiate.
We celebrate the delicate smiles when soft lace caresses the arms that have just embraced love, the confident smiles when seductive corsets embrace kissed bodies and, last but not least, the smiles full of excitement when you feel you have found the perfect dress. With a timeless design, the wedding gowns in the new La Mode Toujours collection seem sprinkled with a shower of stars when you want to shine the brightest.

Bridal '22

Life in pink begins when you fall in love and continues afterwards, with allusions at dawn and tender caresses at dusk.
We were inspired by your love stories, which we have transformed into a collection painted in the pink of the sunrise, the white of the soothed sheets and, last but not least, the glow of evenings together. We combined flamboyant tulle with soft silks and delicate appliqués to create the new Bridal La Mode Toujours 2022 collection, La vie en Rose, a collection about the great loves that are lived beautifully, every day.

Bridal '21

We bring romance and femininity back to life through a diaphanous and precious collection, where exclusive materials are "painted" by precious applications and contemporary design has artistic connotations. The new La Mode Toujours collection was entirely made in our own workshop and can be tried on in our fairytale showroom, bringing you the excitement of a new 'Yes'.

Bridal '24

The La Mode Toujours Bridal 2024 collection, SOLEIL, is inspired by the serenity of summer days.

The new collection combines the simplicity of feminine lines with the sunny glow of intricately stitched appliqués.
There are dresses in which you will experience a fairytale sunrise and dresses that will bring to life the static beauty of a sunset in a thousand shades. They are the creations of La Mode Toujours, imagined and created with the special moments that await you in mind.

Bridal '20

Inspired by love. The new La Mode Toujours Bridal collection - Art - transforms each love story in a work of art through 60 custom creations, which sculpt the shapes and paint femininity in thousands of shades of white.
Moreover, the artist’s brush strokes are now reinvented, as precious embroideries which truly turn your wedding dress into a masterpiece. A masterpiece that will remain precious over time, due to the timeless elegance of each La Mode Toujours wedding dress .

Bridal '19

The new LMT Bridal Collection puts women on a pedestal, turning them into queens in the most important day of their lives.
The concept of the "Royal Wedding" collection was turned into reality through 17 statement creations, impeccably crafted, which reinterpret the traditional bridal design and it adds on even more sparkle and glamour through delicate fabrics, such as lace, veil and silk, but also though precious manual embroideries.

Bridal '18

Feminitatea valsează cu romantismul, iar misterul se împletește cu seducția. Noua colecție Bridal La Mode Toujours pune pe un piedestal femeile, pe care le transformă în regine în cea mai importantă zi din viața lor.
Conceptul colecției "Royal Wedding" a fost transpus în realitate în 17 rochii statement, executate impecabil, care reinterpretează designul clasic și îi conferă o strălucire aparte, prin intermediul materialelor delicate, precum dantela, voalul și mătasea, și al aplicațiilor prețioase.

Exclusive Line '17

Inspired by the old Hollywood glamour, the new LMT Exclusive Line plays with silk, lace and taffeta, but it also resonates with the independent women, who sometimes want to leave minimalism aside and become nowadays' stars.

The Modern Goddess '17

The new LMT Bridal collection evokes the femininity and the glam which every woman should enjoy in the most important day of her life.
Manual embroideries, silk, lace and veil are highlighting the diverse designs of the dresses, while keeping an unity of the collection, symbolically named "The Modern Goddess".

Exclusive Line '16

Inspired by crystals and gemstones, the 2016—2017 LMT Exclusive Line surprises and attracts due to the contemporary elegance, which is ingrained in the style of each and every creation.
The lookbook of this new collection translates into images the designer's vision: the sharpness of gemstones, but also their sparkle, have been highlighted through the colour scheme and the daring styling.