When I design a new LMT collection I can only think about the wonderful women who will wear the dresses, so I want to give them all the reasons in the world to feel feminine and glamorous.

Cristina State
Designer & Owner LMT
La Mode Toujours story is closely connected to the story of the brand's designer and founder. Cristina State has always dreamed to express her creative side through fashion design.
This is how the story began, more than 7 year ago, when Cristina decided to nurture her passion and has founded the brand, which was given a clear direction ever since the beginning: timeless creations, boosting of personality. Actually, the LMT aesthetic is easy to click with: the brand's signature is feminine and classy, but, at the same time, contemporary.
Soon, the first showroom of the brand was open and, from then on, the story has been beautifully shaped until the present time when LMT means thousands of creations delivered all over the world and always worn with a smile. Apart from the exquisite designs, our clients also choose the brand for its precise attention to cut, to tailoring and to the smallest details, which represent one of the label's strengths.
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